My Head is Buzzy

Okay. I have a dilemma.

So I know that I literally just posted about the trials and errors of working (or not) on The Psychnomast, but I’ve been making myself dedicate time and writing to the book. Thinking about the things, making ancillary documents, actually making forward progress on a draft. That sort of thing. It is good, and serving to make me less despair-y about the whole business.

In addition, I have received recommended edits/beta-reading thoughts upon the first draft of Suo Gân. 

So for the last few days I have been thinking non-stop about both stories. But I’ve been busy and very responsibly stacking my sleep deprivation, so I haven’t been working on either of them.

What has resulted is a constant buzzy feeling in my brain because of the constant imagining and planning and brain-writing. And being in (so to speak) two vastly different worlds all the time. That is also part of the brain buzzing.

The solution to this is to get enough sleep to be less useless and just have 1 really good, productive writing day, and then my brain will buzz less. But I have not yet done this.

I’m going to write for about half an hour after this before I have to go to work. Perhaps that will help the buzzy brain.

I am kind of excited about it, though. The buzzing, that is. I’m having a lot of ideas and I think they are good.

Now I must simply put them into word form. With my fingers.

What a difficult life I lead.

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