New Audience

Hello! It’s been a while!

I graduated, I started working full time, we moved, I finished Suo GânI’ve been busy, per the usual.

Speaking of working full time! That is the topic that I’ve decided to settle on today.

I’m back at the pool I work at in the summers again. This year, I’ve been promoted in two ways: I am now a supervisor, and I’m the Head Coach for swim team – rather than the assistant coach that I was last year.

It’s good so far! I’m busy and tired but it is good.

And recently I’ve adopted a new philosophy. An internal mantra. A motto, if you will.

Specifically when it comes to customer interaction.

My shifts are early. Quite early. I am not naturally endowed with a cheery disposition in the wee ante-meridian hours. However, there are all of my swim team kids and most of their parents that I need to interact with early in the morning – and often another 7 hours’ worth of people I’ll need to interact kindly with for the rest of my day’s shift.

Coffee is an important ingredient to acquiring a cheerful disposition for those long, early days, but I’ve found something else much more useful to interacting kindly and helpfully with everyone during a shift (and I have been very successful in this quest thus far).

There’s this fun little ~thing~ in the world of theatre: “Now remember! I know you’ve all already run this show 870 times, but this is a NEW audience! This show is all NEW to them! They deserve the same show as the opening night crowd! So do it like it’s the first time – energy up, people, energy up!”

This is the attitude I have adopted.

This parent is asking me the same question as the same three parents previous – but this parent hasn’t heard my answer yet. No point being unpleasant. New customer, new show!

I just had to yell at this kid – the 708th to run on the pool deck – to walk. But he just got here. He’s excited. He hasn’t heard me yell “walking feet, buddy!” the other 707 times. Why bark at him angrily? New customer, new show!

And so forth.

I’ve found it quite helpful.

However, my ever-present “cheerful agent of excellent customer service” voice does start to irritate me about hour 6, because I find it difficult to turn it off.

But it makes all of my interactions much more pleasant to just remember that everyone I talk to is a new audience. Per se.

I know not why this seemed to me a suitable blog topic when I was lifeguarding 1 person in the pool, but it did. And so I wrote it. More later.

Peace out, pals.

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