I Am Impoverished. Give Me Your Money.

will not just post another snippet for you this time, I swear it. It’s been too easy to do that instead of writing something new for you lately, because I’ve just been having a lot of new ideas for stories lately. There’s a lot of material to show you.

Every time I decide that I won’t just post a snippet, though, I end up starting a life post and deciding I don’t like it halfway through so it sits untouched in my drafts and I just post a writing post instead. (My drafts folder for this blog is the most populous it’s been in the four years of this weird domain’s existence).

So let’s hope this post doesn’t just end up in the drafts.

I decided I would write about one of the most significant parts of my life at the moment: applying for scholarships!

Thrilling material for a blog, right?

Sue me. I write about my life, and scholarships are my LIFE.

An unpleasant reality, but a reality nonetheless.

My favorite hopeless and cynical thing to say recently is, “Do you know how many scholarships I’ve applied for?”

And some unsuspecting party says, “No. How many?”

And I say, “A whole lot. Over $90,000.”

And the party says, “Really? Wow! That’s a lot, dude.”

And I say, “Do you know how many of those I’ve won?”

And they say, “Well, a couple. Maybe four?”

And then I say, “Nope! A big, fat zeroooooo!”

I’m not feeling discouraged about this at all.

It’s just discouraging. But I am a creature of optimism, because I’ve been applying for really a lot of mostly local scholarships in the last couple months and my little, hopeful heart is saying, “You really have a good chance at these ones, Emma! Just wait!”

Hmmmmm. The disappointments of being born a dreamer, am I right?

I did a really fun one a couple weeks ago. Not local, but I liked the prompt. You had to create a resume for a fictional character. I chose Victor Frankenstein, and I was just giggling the whole time I did it. I even wrote him a cover letter. It was entirely delightful. (I really hope I win that one – but whoever reads it will have to have some familiarity with the book to get it, so it’s a bit of a gamble. Regardless, I had so much fun writing it, I won’t be so bitterly disappointed when I don’t get it).

Right now I’m doing a local one that’s another portfolio piece. I took a bit of an angle on it, though; they want you to pick a medium, and my spin is that my medium is storytelling. I did this in large part because that means I can include my writing and my theatre experience in the portfolio – I also did it because it’s true. (Also “Snow White and Rose Red,” currently my most significant achievement as a writer, fits perfectly in the middle of a venn diagram of my artistic endeavors as a writer and theatre gal). The way I decided to do it was to include some stuff from theatre and my directing stuff from SW&RR as well as the published version of the script, but I also chose 4 pieces from my writing repertoire to showcase my previous and continual growth as an author.

That means I’m including my most recent piece, a vignette (that I don’t PLAN to turn into a short story, but dude, who knows with me recently). Which basically means I really need to buckle down and get some writing done. Yes, I have a lot to do, but not only is writing important for these scholarships, I CANNOT ALLOW MYSELF TO STAGNATE!

Especially since I’ve been having this writer’s growth spurt recently (as far as skill, ability, and artistic-ness) that’s really exciting and I wanna make the most of it, baby.

So, yeah. That’s scholarships, I guess? I kind of deviated. But this is the farthest I’ve gotten with a life post in a long time, so we’re going with it.

The bottom line is I’m always working on about three scholarships at once, and writing essays from the DEPTHS OF THE SINCEREST CORNER OF MY SOUL, and maybe one day I’ll win at least one of them.

am done with all of the scholarship applications that are internal to the schools I’ve applied to, so I’ll be hearing about those soon.

This was a life post. I broke 700 words, so: go, me!

I’m sure you’ll end up with another snippet from something next time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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