You Have Been Updated

Okay. I was sitting there trying to figure out what to write a blog post about today, because I actually have a spare minute. I decided I oughtn’t post another excerpt from any of the things I am writing/have written recently, since that’s been all you’ve been getting from me lately.

So…this is a life post. I guess.
Unfortunately for all of us, my life hasn’t changed much since the last update.
I’m in two shows.
Snow White and Rose Red is published.
I have that short story, “Suo Gan” in the works.
I apply for scholarships constantly.
I’m figuring out which of the three schools I’ll be at next year.
This is all the same. HOWEVER, as is the way of things, all of these aspects of my life have, in fact, progressed since we last spoke. So, let’s bring everyone up to date.
I’m in two shows:
“Mary Poppins” is about to enter crash week. We open March 1st. Right now, that means running numbers until we drop dead (or, in my case, my Plantar Fasciitis causes my foot to fall off), getting yelled at every 7 and a half minutes about something, and drilling harmonies so far into our brains that we speak in thirds. I also got added to the scene and dance for “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” last minute (like, last week), and it’s one of our hardest numbers, so I have to get that down. I also have many quick changes, so I’ve got to strategize that. I think it will pull together, though.
“Moby Dick” is still in its baby stages. I’ve only been to about 3 rehearsals so far. It’s interesting to be in a completely original, unpublished, and previously unproduced show – other than my own. I’m interested to see how it comes together when we actually get to our 2 week crash at the end of March.
Snow White and Rose Red is Published:
So. I have given all but 3 people who need complimentary scripts (well, “need,” but I think it’s only right that they have them) their scripts. So I’m doing pretty well there. I’ve read it. There are some changes, but I’m pretty much good with all of the changes – and I knew they’d be coming.
Actually EXCITING “Snow White and Rose Red” news, I visited my Playwright Portal account today and checked my royalties report, and $35 is listed! That means someone is buying something that has to do with SW&RR! I don’t know who. I don’t know when. I don’t know what. I don’t know where. I just know that somebody bought something to do with what I wrote, whether that be sample scripts or production rights. It doesn’t really matter to me what the royalties are from, I’m just so excited that the script isn’t sitting stagnant now that I’ve gotten in published. That would be so perfectly disappointing.
I have that short story, “Suo Gan” in the works:
Short story is a relative term. It is currently 11,206 words and only getting longer, so while it currently falls within the word count to be a short story, I have no idea where it will end up with that. I have a plan for what’s going to happen, and I’m getting into the rising action now, but I have no idea whether I’m a quarter of the way through or even closer. I just enjoy it so much. I worked on it a bit yesterday, and when I pick it up again I’ve got a really fun scene planned. I’m planning to post more of it here sometime, but I don’t know when, because I’m not sure if I want to finish a draft before I show some more of it to you guys or not. So, stay tuned.
I apply for scholarships constantly:
   The big JUICY scandal of the scholarships I’m applying for are the ones I did a couple weeks ago. On all the documentation it said to submit it by MARCH 1ST – which, of course, one would take to mean before March 1st. So, I was like, “Alright, I’ve got this one other scholarship I’m almost done with, I’ll finish that up and then get on these three.” (All three were different offers from the same organization).
   Then, on Monday a couple weeks ago, the lady running this scholarship informed the school that she’d like to pick up any scholarship applications we had that week. “THIS WEEK?” we said bewilderedly, “but all of the information says prior to March 1st! We should have at least a couple more weeks!”
   “Ah, yes,” the woman said. “But, you see, it’s a leveled system. So we must have them to our own office for an early screening before we send them off to the next level, which is the March 1st deadline. But I suppose I could just come by on Friday – please have them ready by then.”
   SO. All that week was me scrambling to finish those three scholarship applications. They’re all pretty good ones for which I have a very good chance – but they also all have several moving parts. So it was a frenzy of getting letters of recommendation, looking at my grandparents’ military careers and calling my relatives to see what documentation they have, having my church sign an affidavit saying I’ve contributed over 50 hours of community service there. But I submitted them, and it’s all gravy.
   Other than that, I pick away at the scholarships I randomly find, and I’ve finished up auditioning for the theater scholarships at all 3 of my finalist colleges.
I’m figuring out which of the 3 schools I’ll be at next year:
Auditioning with the theater department at all three was massively helpful for my discernment process for where I’ll ultimately attend college. If I’m being honest, I’m pretty positive on where I want to enroll – but if I say it out loud it will be real and that’s scary, and I have some time to waffle some more, so I shan’t be declaring where that is just yet.
So, that is my life right now. Welcome to it. Next post, I’ll probably be coming back at you with an excerpt from something. If you have a preference as to what you want to see an excerpt from, let me know. If not, I’ll just pick one.
Goodbye, until an undisclosed time in the future, when I will publish more of my words on the internet to remain until the world dies.

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