It’s Fun

Okay I said I would write this post. I set a reminder to do so when I got home from rehearsal and everything. So. I’m going. To write. This post.

Hello! So, it’s a New Year. I don’t think I’ve posted yet this year? Not sure. My blog is still decorated for Christmas. (Maybe I’ll fix that after I’m done writing). I’m in two shows. I have piles of homework and several tests to study for. I cut my thumb and I need to go put some triple antibiotic ointment on it, or I’m kind of worried I’ll get gangrene.


I have that NEW STORY that I showed you last post.

I am honestly having such a blast writing it, which is kind of refreshing in a way I didn’t expect – and I think I’ve figured out why.

It has been so long since I worked on something new. Everything I’ve been working on for the last two years has been the Amelia Brighton series, Snow White and Rose Red, and The Psychnomast. And when I haven’t been working on those, I’ve been writing flash fiction, which doesn’t really get to have any major development. It’s there and gone.

All of which I certainly enjoy. I wouldn’t bother with them if I didn’t. But all of them have been old news for a minimum of two years, most of them for even longer than that. There’s no fresh glee with a new idea and new characters and a new world. The quippy dialogue isn’t as fun to write because I already know exactly what’s coming.

But I’m writing something fresh. New characters, new world, new plot, heck, it’s even a new genre for me. The words are flowing out of me, dudes. I’m staying up way later than I can really afford just to write, which I haven’t done in ages – not since the deadline for Snow White and Rose Red. (Even then, I wasn’t pulling all-nighters out of joy – deadlines are anything but joyful).

I fear I’m driving my family and the few of my friends who I talk about stories with insane, because I get distracted from whatever’s going on and talk about the new story incessantly.

But I don’t even really feel bad. I didn’t realize that writing wasn’t making me joyful recently, and it’s like a high now that it’s back.

I have more of that story (like, way more) done, too. Let me know if you’d like to see just a bit more of it.

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