Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

So the last post on here is depressing as heck and it’s time for something more cheerful. I’ll touch more on DC and the audition later, when the wound is less raw – but, for now!

To follow is a brief summary of the Christmas happiness that is my house at the moment. Are the pictures good? Not at all, because my phone’s camera is woefully inadequate. Do they capture some joy? Also yes.

front door

This is our front door, and the color combination fills me with joy. The white, gold, and green wreath on our already red door is so Christmas.

Front door inside

On the other side of the front door is this. Because my mother let me have access to Christmas lights, and I have a serious problem. But hey, leave the house through a frame of glowing primary colors, amiright?


This picture is particularly bad, but I like our tree a lot. So it had to be included. Also, see aforementioned obsession with Christmas lights.

mantle before

This is our mantle. I take over mantle duty. That’s my job. It makes me most pleased. It’s so picturesque.

boys' room

Door to the boys’ room. Did I mention I really like lights? I didn’t even take a picture of my room. That has more lights.

mantle after

This is actually the mantle 2.0. All of our family is here for Christmas (all my siblings and my sister’s husband and kids), so the mantle had to be reworked for all the stockings. This makes me happy in itself.

Anyway. That’s my house. Kind of. It just makes me happy. Gotta get that lighter content out there.

I’m also working on a short story right now. It could be something. Keep an eye out for it.

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