It’s Hit the Shelves

So to speak.

This is already on all of my Social Media (really, all of it) and this post is going to automatically upload to my social media when I publish it, so boy oh boy are people going to get sick of hearing that Snow White and Rose Red was released today!

Honestly, I am the most pumped about the art. Just LOOK AT IT:

Snow White and Rose Red cover[6513]

Isn’t it perfect? The silhouettes. The bear. The font. The forest with the snow falling. Is this heaven?

I’m honestly giddy. Look! It’s right there!

That’s my story! That I wrote!

I’m so, so excited to get my hands on the script itself. (And the Director’s Book. I asked my publisher really nicely, and he said he’d give me one of those, too).

I’m so, so, excited about everything, really.

I’m reserving the free copies for the cast and crew (I only get so many, you know). I’m keeping one, of course, and I want all of them to sign it.

You’re all, of course, under no obligation to buy my super duper published script. But, I mean, you certainly can.

If you love me.

And support me.

And want me to be successful.

No, really, there’s no obligation. I’m just so thrilled that people can buy it, and the story will get told and other people on different stages will be doing the telling.

This is so. cool.

And also, look at the art for it again, please. It really does just warm me to the bone.


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