I Really Do Try Not To Get Lost

So I know I say pretty frequently that my lack of navigational skills will be what keeps this blog afloat. This may seem like an exaggeration. Perhaps I’m putting on a front of complete navigational ineptitude for the dramatic effect. I assure you that I am not. I am truly this ungifted in the art of getting myself to and from places successfully.

If I existed in an era before the advent of Google Maps, I would have been lost to the winds of time long ago.
Last night, I went to a Symphony performance at my friend’s college. (He wasn’t in it; we just hadn’t seen each other in a while, and we both need to go to orchestral performances for classes we’re both in, so it was advantageous).
After the actual performance (it was pretty solid, actually. They played songs from the Nutcracker Suite for their second half, which is one of my favorites, so they suckered me) we realized that we hadn’t actually gotten to talk, having been at a Symphony and all.
So we sat in my car in the parking lot and talked.
For a long time.
Like, a really long time.
It was getting kind of weird to be in my car in a dark corner of the parking lot.
And I was bored of sitting there. So, I suggested we drive around.
(You’d think that I would learn after a while that this course of action is extremely ill-advised. But no. Somehow, my naivete persists throughout my life experience).
And drive we did. To my knowledge, we went down a completely straight road for about 10 minutes. Then I turned around, and began back on that completely straight road.
Straight road. Seems foolproof for navigating to and from a single destination, right? A straight road that leads to and from that place? Seems pretty easy, right? Right?
Well, you and I would be wrong, APPARENTLY.
Somewhere along the way – I do not know how, I do not know why, because, I repeat, the road was straight – we fell astray.
We got about 20 minutes’ worth of driving (most of it at about 50 mph, which should have been my first clue that I was not on any of the right roads) heading in the entirely wrong direction before I admitted that, perhaps, I was not quite sure where we were or how to get back to the school – where my dear friend’s car was still parked.
My friend pulled up Google Maps (again, I’d be dead without it) and got us headed back to the college.
We began our driving journey at about 9:00 in the pm. We did not descend back upon the school, the parking lots all entirely empty save our two cars, until a little after 10:00.
I don’t know how I got licensed.
Then again, it’s probably better than me still having to ride the bus places. I can’t just turn the bus around and get back to the place I’ve managed to get 30 miles away from.
I’m sure I’ll have another story of this ilk for you another day, friends. History does tend to repeat.

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