We’re All Winners In My Book (And the Actual Book. Of Actual Winners. Because We Actually Won).

We’re not even going to address my hiatus. es. My hiatuses.

What we ARE going to discuss is how we won!

I ought to clarify, oughtn’t I?

So, you know how I act and stuff. It’s kind of a thing. Last spring, my younger brother and I were in a production of Sondheim’s “Assassins: The Musical,” as you all also already knew.

Well, the particular theatre that we did that show at has a yearly event. An awards show. Like the Oscars and Tonys and Emmys and such, but, you know … small. And local.

Anyway, they nominate people – actors, directors, costumers, set designers, etc. – for different awards, and then there’s Best Show of the Season.

“Assassins” did not take away one award.

Not two awards.


We took home three.

Best Director (honestly, there’s no alternative, our director is a blessing on this earth), Best Supporting Actor (agreed, again, I really like the guy who one, but I think my brother should have one Best Lead Actor – but I digress), and BEST SHOW, BABY.





Full cast not pictured, unfortunately.

But the show was very fun to watch (I had neither the time nor status to perform in it), and I got to go on stage to squeal and accept the award with my castmates and we went out to dinner afterward and it was generally a great time.

I just think it’s cool, dudes.

I know it’s just a little thing, but it certainly feels pretty big to us.

And I do so hope that this is an omen of a similar future at the Tonys.

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