Ladies and Gentlemen, She Has a Name!

First she was Jasmine.

And then Scarlet.

And then Elena, Sarah, Annika, Estella, Nastasia, Annabelle – you get the idea.

But now –

After much work –

Much anticipation –

And many frustrated episodes of angered muttering –

I give you: Irina Evans.

(Is it just me, or was that a lot of buildup for kind of an anticlimax? Oh, well. C’est la vie. It’s important to ME).

It was an annoying as HECK process. But we (my mom, sister, and poor friend who recieves many messages on end about this book) hath settled on Irina.

We had to hit a weird balance between totally cool, but also not TOO cool – but also she needed to be nicknameable. Because this character wants a nickname.

So, her nickname is Rina.

I like it. I’m pumped – that was the last piece of the puzzle before I can start writing!

Provided I ever, ever am allowed to stop writing essays for things.

If I’d known this was senior year … well, I would have still done it. But I’m not enjoying the essays, dudes.

So, yay! Writing!

One thought on “Ladies and Gentlemen, She Has a Name!

  1. Consider getting to go write some book material your reward after completing each essay ;-). I’m glad you finally finished picking one!


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