Behold! Me! Many Times Over.

Remember those self-indulgent pictures we discussed? Well, would you like to see some select favorites of mine?

Whether you answered “yes” or “no,” that is what will follow. So prepare yourself, or click that handy “exit” button.

First! Some artsy shots we took at the very end of the headshot session, because my dear photographer/brother-in-law wanted to try a thing. think they’re cool:

Emma Selle-024Emma Selle-023Emma Selle-022

And now, headshots:

Emma Selle-018Emma Selle-010Emma Selle-017Emma Selle-013Emma Selle-012

This next one deserves to be shown in both color and black & white, because it’s my faaaavorite:

Emma Selle-014Emma Selle-015

This one we call “Juliet in the balcony scene” (it is silly. I was reacting to my sister. We kept it). :

Emma Selle-006Emma Selle-004

We have almost all of them in both color and black & white, but there are SO MANY. And also I tend to favor black & white, so that’s what you get.

And those are (most of) the headshots. I honestly don’t know if you people actually care to see these, but it was a blog post idea, and I’m behind, so I went with it. If you want to see some of my senior pictures, too, that can be posted soon. If you don’t want that, comment that, because I’m not about to post something you have no interest in. Lemme know.


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