Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

You are reading the words of a soon-to-be-published playwright!

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving home from teaching swim lessons, and I decided to stop and get the mail. I have been waiting for a response from Pioneer for a while now, so you can imagine my surprise and shock when I saw an envelope addressed to me from that very Drama company.

“It’s a big envelope,” I whispered.

I proceeded to run into my house, yelling at increasing volumes, “It’s a big envelope!”

Everyone knows you don’t get a rejection letter in a big envelope.

My three younger brothers, summoned by my frantic and nigh-on-insane yelling, gathered around as I opened, and, as suspected, it was a congratulatory letter. Enclosed was my contract and other paperwork.



I am so very insanely excited, you guys.

I signed the contract, filled out the W-9 form they need, and am working on getting together all of the other actual script-related stuff they need from me.

I’ve written a dedication already (talk about a giddy author moment), I’m including a list of the original cast and crew in the back of the script, and I’m about to move on to writing a description of the show for their catalogue and website (so people can buy and produce my script!).

Did I mention I’m kind of giddy with joy?

So. That is the most recent, significant, and relevant thing you need to know about my life.

Gotta go write a description!

This time Thursday!

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