Anything Can Be a Missile. Even a Nice Six Year Old.

I teach children how to swim.

You know this.

On the last day of class (read: today), I always let my classes go off the diving board if they want to. Even the little kids; well, especially the little kids. They love it. They jump, I catch them, we swim over to the wall; it makes them feel like big kids, and it’s that thrill, you know?

So, yeah.

Sometimes, kids overshoot it a little bit, because they’re nervous. They think I won’t catch them (I always do, by the way), I look far away, the water’s deep – whatever. It’s usually fine. An elbow to the sternum, a leg over my guard tube as well as their arms around my neck, it usually works out fine.

But today, no, no it did not.

I took my Preschool Level 3 on the diving board. Second class of the day. My Preschool 3s were awesome this session; almost all of them were very brave, very eager, and did what I asked.

So, diving board. First kid jumped, I caught him, easy peasy.

Second kid gets up. She’s tall, a tad gangly, very sweet and did very well in my class. She was a little nervous; after all, I looked far away and the water was deep.

So, she overshot.

And hit me





My head snapped back, my vision went black for a second, and my face was kinda numb.

(I still caught her and held on to her, for the record. I don’t let my kids go. I feel this is an important thing to include.)

My coworker caught the other kids, because I was literally stunned.

It was an accident, so I wasn’t upset at all with her. She’s a great kid.

But man, my head, neck, and back hurt.

Ugh. Pain sucks.

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