I Have a Problem

Summer is the time I read books, okay?

School’s out, I’m home (slightly) more, I live in a room and house surrounded by books I own that I haven’t read yet, so summer is the logical time for me to pick some of those books up and read them. (9 times out of 10 I find a completely different book that I don’t own and read that, but that’s beside the point).

But here’s the problem; I can’t read a book that I love without feeling the compulsive and irrepressible desire to buy it and keep it forever.

Because I’m a re-reader! It’s what I do! I re-read things! It’s like comfort food. I’m all, “I’m in the mood to read a book. What should I read? This book, that I’ve read before and love everything about? Or this book, that I haven’t read and might not even like?”

That’s not a very hard decision for me, and that’s part of why I own unread books.

But I am poor, people. Impoverished. Broke. Penniless.

I was on my required 30 minute lunch break today (don’t even get me started on that – if I want a break, I’ll take one. Why MAKE me take a break while I’m at work when I could be getting paid instead? Anyway. Back to the topic:) and I did the math to figure out what should be in my bank account(s) (savings and checking) by the end of the summer.

Firstly, I would like to slap a disclaimer on here and say that it was most certainly not a bad sum of money in either of my final figures. I’ve been working a lot more this summer, and I’m getting paid more per hour than I was last summer. So I’m doing alright.

But it still wasn’t, like, a lot of money. It was “I’m a high schooler with a summer job working for the poor county” amount of money.

And, though I’m a dependent, I have some expenses. List to follow:

-Paying my phone bill to my parental units.

-Buying myself a better, higher-functioning laptop for writing, researching, and leaving for college in almost exactly a year.

-Buying gifts for people. That’s really important to me. Mostly just holidays and birthdays, but I love giving people gifts. It’s a legitimate expense.

I don’t have the cash money to spend it on all the books I want!

It’s a moral and ethical dilemma.

My morals and ethics are centered around books.

(Insert a bible joke playing off of “The Good Book” here.)

Anyway. This is my problem.

Because I’m almost certainly going to own a copy of The Lunar Chronicles before the summer’s out.

I need help.

One thought on “I Have a Problem

  1. Dude. THIS IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS FOR. Make a list of the books so other people can buy them for you. Don’t become that person who always buys the best gifts for themselves and then the rest of us have to improvise! Especially the ones you’ve read and want for re-reading, that’s prime “gift list” material, because you already know the contents (so you’re not waiting on the big finish, for example), but you also know you want to read it again someday…like January!


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