! You Haven’t Written Anything Yet!

Okay, so I was slamming my keyboard approximately 2 seconds ago, trying to think of what to write about for this blog post. I slammed, then deleted, and slammed, then deleted. It was both wonderful and highly productive.

WordPress autosaves your blog posts as you write them; but seeing as I was keyboard-slamming-then-deleting, there wasn’t anything there when it went to autosave, even though it detected that I was writing.

Because WordPress is so very helpful, a little alert popped up in the upper right corner of my window.

Aforementioned alert read, ” ! You haven’t written anything yet!”

Too real, WordPress.

So, you know how I was supposed to be ready to start a second draft of The Psychnomast by the end of this summer?

Well, that’s a goal I have.

It’s currently the end of July, and I’m approximately 10 pages of plot material closer.

That is frustrating. 

I want to write this book. I really, really want to write this book. I don’t just say it all the time for the sake of saying it. I want it. But I’m so drained, all the time.

During the school year, it’s school. And then theatre. And voice. And school things.

During the summer, it’s work. I work an average of 30 hours a week, which, while not technically a full time job, still takes up a lot of my week.

And this year in particular, I just hurt. All the time. Which makes me tired. All the time.

And dudes, I want to do this thing I love! I like my job. I like school. I also want to do those things.

But as much as I like them, they aren’t my passions.

Writing is. This book is.

And I’m frustrated beyond all belief lately that I’m failing to do the thing I love, when it should be the thing I should do the most.

Anyway. Here on A Dose of Ginger, I strive to provide an equal balance of writing and teenage angst for your reading pleasure. Peruse at your leisure.

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