I’m supposed to be writing right now.

I mean, I know, I am currently writing, in that I have my laptop out and I’m typing words into a word processing software and those words will be read by you.

But I’m supposed to be actually writing right now.

I was asked by my publisher of the “Amelia Brighton” stories to write a piece for a print anthology they’re putting together in the month of July. Obviously, I said I’d do it. Because, how cool is that? (You all have to buy the book when it comes out. Because I’ll be in it. And you love me, right? Right?)

Here’s the deal, though. It’s animal themed. Which means I have to write a story about animals, from the point of view of (an) animal(s), or heavily involving (an) animal character(s).

This is so out of my wheelhouse, it isn’t even funny.

Short stories? Very in my wheelhouse. Writing animal stories? So not.

I already wrote a piece – whipped it out in maybe 30 minutes – but it’s not good. It’s alright; it’s kind of cute, it centers on an animal. But it’s not good, and that bugs me. So I don’t want to use it.

But I’m having trouble coming up with an idea that pleases me. I’m blocked. In a truly “blocked” kind of way; not in the “I’m stuck on a scene, but if I just sit down and write it, the blockage will be over, because I have a plan for the scene, I just haven’t written it” kind of way.

It’s in a “I literally have no idea what to write. I have no ideas, no plans, no nothing” kind of blocked.

And that’s dumb. I don’t get blocked, you guys!

I procrastinate. I silently (or not silently) fume as I write, knowing what I’m writing is crap.

But I don’t ever just … not have any fuel.

And it’s driving me I crazy.

I’m home alone right now (family left to go camping yesterday, I had to stay home for work. They should be home sometime tomorrow), so I’ve got nothing but time to think about what I can put out there.

I have a couple very vague ideas, that could be good with some fleshing-out, but none of them feel quite right.

I think the only thing for it is to write my ideas out, see which ones stick, and pick one of them to flesh our more wholly.

Because I also have a pretty sticky deadline on this, and I want it done on time.

Anyway. That is my rant. I love you and goodbye.

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