I’ve gotten my job as a lifeguard back. Additionally, I’m working as a WSI this summer. (“Water Safety Instructor.” I’m gonna teach swim lessons.) It’s May. That means prep for both of these jobs is heating up, seeing as the pool opens June 16th – one month away.

So, not only did I have an orientation Tuesday – basically, don’t sexually harass people, follow the County’s code of conduct, don’t do stupid illegal things, and call 911 when there’s an emergency – I also have literally 634 pages to read for my WSI class that starts next week.

And, as mentioned, it’s May. The month of disgust and busy-ness. Standardized Tests (I took one of those, also Tuesday), end-of-the-year trips, Graduation (not for me, but my friends), final tests and projects, and ALL THE THINGS.

I know what you’re thinking. “Dude, you never post anyway, how is May any different from the other 11 months of the year?”

And the answer is this: because I have kind of a valid excuse this month? Right?

I mean, I’m pumped that I have a job. I’m excited to learn how to do a new job, and REALLY excited to get a raise for doing so. I love the pool, I like the bulk of my coworkers, and I recognize the importance of training.

I’m excited that my friends are graduating, I’m excited for end-of-the-year trips, and I’ve resigned myself to the final tests and projects.

Standardized Testing, though, I hate. I have nothing resembling a feeling of peace, acceptance, or even mild okay-ness about those. They fill me with vehement rage.

All that said, it does make for an extremely hectic month for me.

Just so you know.

And I’m sure pool shenanigan posts will be coming your way shortly.

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