I’m Probably On a Watchlist

Okay, so writing things. They’re happening. You know this.

Script update: I’ve made the changes requested, conducted a read-through, and sent it. We simply await a reply. (“Simply” is a relative term. In this case, it means “very anxiously.”)

But that is not what inspired this post. That isn’t even a post-length update. I literally just updated you on script things in 3 sentences.

What really made me think, “Oh, I could write a post about this,” is what I’ve been researching for my reworking of The Psychnomast. 

Stuff like this:

search historyhistory 2

The first three are pretty self-explanatory in how they are possibly concerning. The last 6? They’re the times I’ve accessed the ebook I found, written by and for ecoterrorists, detailing how to recruit for and maintain the security of a secret underground rebellion.

Does that seem like a strange book to peruse?

To normal people who lack ecoterroristic leanings, sure. But that book happens to give me a step by step description of how to keep my underground rebellion (something I happen to need to make a thing in my book) secret.

So, I mean, valuable source. Though I don’t ever want to meet the author(s).

But I’m googling very concerning things to an outside observer. How many authors do you think are on NSA watchlists?

Because, if authors do get put on them, I’m almost definitely on one now.

I mean, I’m frequenting an ecoterrorist website.

I’ve been known to google things like, “How long does it take for someone to bleed out when they’ve been shot in the gut?”


“What’s the most effective way to get guns for a large number of people?”

I swear I’m not a criminal. I’m just a writer.

(Side note, I think I have one of my big-ish heist-y plans that needs to happen in my book mostly figured out. Exciting.)

But, if I ever break and decide to pursue life as a felon, this research will probably help with that, too.

I don’t think I’m helping my odds with the NSA here.

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