I’m Writing Again! Yay!


It’s okay. You can laugh. I know that is 100% me. I’m self-aware.

My sister sent me that. It is accurate. You get to see it.

So, I am writing a blog post, on schedule. Round of applause, please. Thank you.

Speaking of writing, I’m doing it again! Like, my not-this-blog writing. Books, and such. Well, one book, really.

The other night I pulled out my bible for The Psychnomast (which might literally be the equivalent of two trees’ worth of paper) and started to look into getting some work done on a second draft. (A draft that might be readable. To people not my sister. I mean you, Andrea. Maybe you could stop being mad that I won’t let you read it.)

So I did some work on the draft, but something was feeling … icky. Inexplicably icky. I was getting weird vibes as I was trying to work with the story.

So, for now, the manuscript shall remain untouched. But not in vain!

My plan is to completely dissect my plot, find what is making things feel icky, and rework the plot to fix the ickiness. (And just make the plot stronger, overall. It’s still essentially the same plot I started with 4 years ago, which is not the most solid of plotting every done in the history of writer-kind).

Once my plot is all better, then I’m going to write a second draft. For realsies, this time. I think once my foundation is fixed, it will be pretty straightforward to do another draft. Not easy or fast, but straightforward.

So that’s that plan.


I have for the world exciting news!

I believe I informed the blog-o-sphere that I submitted the final-final version of Snow White and Rose Red to Pioneer Drama Services to get reviewed for publication, yes?

Well, if you didn’t know, now you know.

Anyway, a few days ago, I got an email from admissions! Don’t get too excited – they didn’t offer me a contract – but they said that they liked the script, it has potential, and they’re willing to further consider it for publication if I’m willing to do some rewrites.

I am so totally willing to do some rewrites.

So, currently, I’m waiting to hear from them about what rewrites they have in mind, and then I’m going to pursue that and see if I can’t get myself published.

I’m pretty excited about it.

I’m back, baby! I haven’t really written anything since I finished my rehearsal draft of Snow White and Rose Red last summer. I missed it, man. I’m very happy to be getting back in the game.

And, also, I posted on time.

My life is full of wins.


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