This Week’s Post is Brought to You By: My Family™!

I am writing this post on this, the last day of Spring Break.

“Why, Emma, you were on Spring Break? We didn’t know that! It is hard to stay caught up on your life when you never post,” you might be inclined to say. And I know, I know.

I’m the worst, but it’s okay, because of reasons.

So, Spring Break. My family and I drove across the state (always fun, always fun. Who doesn’t like 87 potty breaks, loud bickering, and broken DVD players?) to see some family, and I looked at three schools because I’m an adult.

Seeing family was really nice, as it usually is. I mostly hung out with my seester and her family (because I like them, obviously, but also because they had a bed for me), but we also saw most of my Mom’s side. My sister was all, “Emma, write a blog post. Emma, write a blog post. Emma, you should write a blog post.” Because she’s my responsibility shoulder-angel. Hence this post.

As for the schools, I had tours scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of last week. The schools I saw on Tuesday and Friday were thoroughly “meh,” and at least one of them is completely off of my list, and the other I’m still trying to decide if it’s worth applying.

The one I saw on Wednesday, however, I kind of loved.

It is in Canada (legitimately 20 minutes over the border, but still, I can be a foreign student, heh), and it’s got basically everything I want. A great theater program, small class sizes, a well-rounded education, the faith life I’m looking for, and an accepting campus and community.

Oh, it’s also only $12k/year for tuition, as compared to the other school I like that seems to have all of that, which is $50k/year.

It seems pretty unbeatable. Based on this week, my list of six schools I was interested in has been narrowed to four schools. I’m currently in the process of further discernment and possibly more narrowing before it gets to the point of applying (which isn’t until next fall, so I have time).

I’m feeling pretty good about all of it, though. The visits really confirmed for me that college is what I want to do coming out of High School, and it also helped me solidify what it is I really want from a school.

I’ve still got SATs, scholarships, and applications I can stress plenty about, though, so don’t expect this state of relative peace and surety to last very long.

Anyway. Maybe I’ll post this week. It’s kind of a game of low-risk roulette, isn’t it?

Ta-ta for now. 🙂

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