I Am a Perpetual Invalid

*lights up on BHA–bad habits anonymous*

Leader: To start today’s session, we’re going to go around the circle, introduce ourselves, and why we’re here. Now remember, this is a safe space, no one here is going to judge you. I’ll start. My name’s Brooke, and I am a recently recovered gossip.

Person in between me and the leader: Um, hi. My, um, name is Jeff, and … and … Ibitemyfingernails.

Me: Hey. I’m Emma, and I don’t drink enough water.

*gasps around the circle* *somewhere, glass shatters* *sirens wail across the city* *a cat shrieks*

That’s my way of telling you that I have found myself once again afflicted with a kidney stone. Apparently after the first bout of agony and being told that I needed to drink enough water, that wasn’t enough for me. So I woke up on Saturday with excruciating pain on my right side.

Luckily, however, I recognized what it was, so I managed to catch it and take a whole bunch of pain relieving medication before the vomiting started, making it impossible for medicine to relieve any kind of pain, so I avoided the harrowing hospital trip this time.

I am pretty uncomfortable though, and spent all of yesterday in and out of consciousness and being forced to drink many fluids.

I’m doing better today, and actually got out of bed, and have been forcing myself to drink fluids, so I’ll probably survive.

It remains to be seen whether the second time will leave a more notable impression on my water-intake habits, but let’s hope so, eh?

I will probably post on Tuesday. But who knows. It’s kind of a roulette game with me.


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