I Love Me Some Ambiance

Okay, so I met my friend for coffee last Saturday–you know, when I was supposed to post–and I met her at my favorite place possibly ever.

You don’t understand the depth of my love for that perpetually busy establishment. I have only been there once before last Saturday, but this is a love-at-first-sight kind of affair. My mom and I had some time to kill before meeting the rest of my family, and so we looked up time-killing locations close to us, and found ourselves there–no parking, few seating options, great coffee and baked goods, and buckets upon buckets of creativity-fueling ambiance.

When I first went, I turned to my mom, eyes wide over an extremely large caramel macchiato, and said: “I need to write here.”

This dream was realized this past weekend. I, of course, spent an hour with my friend as I had coffee and she had an italian soda, but then she had to depart to watch over children. I stayed behind, organized my schedule for the next many weeks, read my script again, and got some writing done. Not much, but some.

I’m not quite sure what it is about the place; it could be the constant but pleasant background noise of dozens of conversations, the tables conveniently tucked into corners for the convenience of such individuals as myself, the paintings that all but cover the crimson walls, the smell of coffee and pie–I can’t quite place my finger on it, but it’s one of the most comfortable places I’ve ever found myself in.

I intend to go back often.

I don’t know quite what the point of telling you all of this was, but I felt like it. And it’s Tuesday. And, I dunno, I guess it’s related to writing? And I finally posted a piece I wrote last week, so I felt it appropriate to now immediately go back to just rambling for a few hundred words, so as to have an extremely successful blog.

Oh! Actual serious thing: my second story on LingoBites, “Amelia Brighton and the Diamond of Delhi” is getting released this week. It’s set to release tomorrow, but, ya know, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. So I’ll keep you updated.

Okey doke. Hasta la vista, amigos.

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