My Navigational Deficiencies Will Fuel This Blog for Eternity

The issue this time was less “navigational” than “communicational”, (which I am aware is not a word) but same wheel house.

So, I had physical therapy today, because I can’t seem to stop being broken, but my Horticulture class (I know, right? But it’s fun) had a field trip today. My PT wasn’t going to be done until 11:30, so I was just going to meet up with them.

This would be the point in the sitcom where I’d deadpan the camera with the last bit of light fading from my eyes, and half a smirking smile on my face.

So I texted one of my friends who was on the trip asking where they were. This trip had two locations; two local colleges, whose greenhouses we were touring to get inspired for the greenhouse we’re starting.

When I texted, they were still at the first. They said to meet them there. So I drove there.

And, as I wandered the very large campus for nigh on half an hour, I received very, very vague clues as to where they were located.

When I finally found the bus, they were already heading back to it, so I rushed back to my car (which I had just defeatedly parked) so I could proceed with plan b, “follow the bus to the next college.”

However, as I drive to where the bus was parked, they were already leaving? Despite our agreement to wait for me? And my principal rolls down his window, gesticulating and shouting, neither of which can be effectively deciphered, so I say, “I’ll just follow bus,” to which my principal seemed to agree (I’m basing this upon the nodding of his head) but then the bus continued to drive? While I tried to make a three point turn on a road the side of the space in between the above quotation marks.

Now, as I’m perfectly executing this turn, (God bless back up cameras) many cars fill the space between me and the bus, making it hard to follow. But I manage for maybe a mile, until the bus makes it through three consecutive stoplights that stop me, and I completely lose it.

I then proceed to over-emotionally call my mother, who tells me to just use Google maps to get to the next place, which is a very practical solution, but I’m still bitter about how the rest of the ordeal has gone. Nevertheless, I proceed.

I finally make it to the second location, park in a parking lot for which I have no parking permit and spend a while scrounging for quarters to pay the meter, and then spend another ten minutes trying to figure out where exactly they are before meeting them and getting a grand total of somewhere around 20 minutes of the 4 hour field trip.

So, yeah.

But I did get to sleep in this morning. So that’s something.

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