I Have Had A Morning, Friends

I mean, I have a morning every morning–such are the ways of time–but this one was particularly spazzy.

I forgot it was the day of my mother’s staff meeting, so I was woken up almost an hour earlier than I anticipated. 

I fell asleep on the car ride to school, and then, when we were at the school, I was warm and drowsy and told myself “I’ll stay here for a couple more minutes.” That was at 7:10. 

Now, as the cliché goes, “a couple minutes” turned out to be an hour and twenty minutes. 

I woke up in a blind panic at 8:30 and burst into my mom’s classroom, asking “where am I supposed to be?” At which point she reminded me I was supposed to be taking a test 15 minutes ago.

So I went to my test (which was a creativity test, which is, like, the most oxymoronic). And now I’m here. In English. Less tired, more filled with adrenaline, having finished “A Christmas Carol.” 

So that was my morning.

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