Costumes, Cookies, and Characters, Oh My!

I have been doing many things. Many, many things.

Firstly, short health update: head–still achey. Sleep–on a routine that is making it better. Solutions–going to see a concussion specialist soon, staying in Physical Therapy, and taking many drugs.



I have almost all of my actors costumed for the play. (You know–the one that performs NEXT WEEKEND. I’m not stressed.)

It’s pretty exciting. I got some good stuff, because I’ve been allowed to borrow from people with really extensive costume stores that have been built up over many years. I still have a few pieces I need and some people who need to try stuff on, but I’m pretty well set.

The one thing I really need right now is crowns. I can’t have a Royal Family without crowns!

Now, technically speaking, the only member of the family who really needs a crown is the Queen, but I want ALL of them to have crowns in the Wedding Scene, because, you know … formal.

But I’ll find it. I’ve had very generous benefactors so far.


I was having a mental breakdown about how much I have to do, and said to my sister: “And I want cookies! Can you make me cookies?” And then she did, and sent them across the state to me, because she is nice and maketh the baked goods of delicious.


Back to the play, because why should my posts have any rhyme or reason?

Basically, it’s all coming together. There’s only two people whose lines I’m worried about (which, ironically, are not the two people who I thought I’d be worried about), and I’m pretty confident it’ll come together in time for the show.

There is some characterization that is lacking, but once the lines get more solid, I think people will find their characters more.

That’s about it. That’s my life right now. There is so much to do, but I think it will be done.

Until next time. (Which, let’s be honest, might not be until after the show.)


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