Rain Makes Roads Slippery.

You know, this morning, I was pondering what to write a blog post about today and was coming up empty.

Good thing life decided to hurl some lemons at my face.

I totaled the Prius! No, not like ran into a sign and dented it. Like, it’s totaled. Behold, exhibits A, B, and C:

I was in that. Crawled out of the passenger side window all ninja-like.

You’re probably wondering what happened. Truth be told, I don’t even really know. I know what the police told me they’ve put together from the scene, which is that it was slippery because it was raining out, so I skidded and the car flipped and there was a ditch, so there I was.

From my perspective, here’s what happened:

I left school half an hour early, because I was headed fifteen minutes away so I could meet up with a prospective actor for my show and see if he was willing to act for me. So, I left the school early. It had been raining all day, and this was the first rain in a long time.

So, I got about a minute away from the school. Not even a mile. The posted speed limit was 35. I was going 35. There was a curve in the road, so I slowed down to 30 to take it.

Next thing I know, I’m in the air. I get thrown forward, and my head smacks something–the dashboard, I think. My seat belt catches me and holds me back against my seat. Then I’m hanging upside down looking at a shattered windshield.

It took me a solid five seconds to take in where I was and what had happened. As soon as that sunk in, I thought, “Damn. We have to replace another windshield.”

My priorities, it would seem, are a tiny bit out of whack.

Anyway, my next thought was, “Oh, no. I need to call 911.” So I looked for my phone and found it–all still hanging from my seat belt, mind you–and then I noticed some people outside who were already on the phone with 911. I tried to open my doors, but they were stuck. So I rolled down my window so I could talk to them.

Since 911 was already being called, my next priority was that I needed my mom. I unbuckled and fell until I was laying on the … well, the ceiling of the car. Then I immediately dialed my mom. It took three tries, and then I was told to get out of the car. I said, “But I’m calling my mom.” She hadn’t picked up yet.

I was told that I needed to get out of the car, in case there was a gas leak or some other such life threatening situation. So I handed the nice lady my phone and crawled out through the window. As I was getting out, my mom picked up.

When I got out I got the phone.

Now, up until that point, I had been pretty calm. I answered everyone’s questions and was very matter of fact about the whole thing.

But then I tried to talk to my mom and just lost it. I was sobbing hysterically and tried to say “I flipped the car. I’m fine, but I killed the car.” But it came out more like, “Mom? I … the car … it’s … ”

And then my mom told me it would be okay, and she was on her way.

She got there in less than a minute, and the Emergency Personnel just after her.

I had stopped bawling by the time the ambulance got there. They checked me out and said I was fine.

After that I sat in the car of one of the staff members who had driven my mom to me, and various people came through and had me fill out a statement and asked me what had happened and if I was hurt in any way and then the tow truck came and took the car and then I got all the legal stuff that I now have to take care of.

As far as these things go, I was really lucky. I got nothing more than scared and I’m told I’ll be super sore tomorrow.

But I really wouldn’t have been okay if I hadn’t been wearing my seat belt. So, like, wear yours. All the time. No compromising. This was a freak accident, and it could have killed me. So don’t take chances. I’d say I hate to sound like a PSA, but I really don’t at all, because this is important.

Anyway, that was my day!

Be careful. And drive safely, please.


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