I Never Know What I’m Doing

So, as anyone who read my last post knows, I was at my sisters house. I drove there by myself. As such, I had to drive back home.

The plan was to drive home Monday after lunch, so I wouldn’t be driving after dark, and I would have some time to situate myself before school today.

Now, it’s about a four and a half hour drive from my sister’s house to mine. I did on the way to her just fine, and I wasn’t too worried about the way back.

So I whipped out my handy dandy Google Maps (not sponsored–as if) to help me get onto the freeway.

As I was driving, I realized–Google was just taking me out the same way I got in! I scoffed. I knew this. I could totally do it.

So, I ignored Google.

Never ignore Google.

Because, as soon as I started up the ramp, I realized it was Northbound.

Can you guess what direction I wanted to be going?

You guys are all so smart. It was South.

So I flipped out and immediately took the next exit, then wandered around until I found the Freeway–and got on Southbound. 

From there, it was pretty smooth sailing.

But, moral of the story: don’t be overconfident, and the internet solves all your problems.

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