Mover and Shaker

I am in my sister’s living room.

You may be wondering why, but all will be made clear over the course of this post. I’m clever like that. Look at me, author-ing so professionally.

So, I am entirely behind on blog posts. Shocking, I know. However, I am armed with excuses in spades, because that’s how I roll.

Excuse #1: we moved last weekend. Well, for the most part. The house/garage are completely moved to our new abode, but the stuff that lives outside is getting moved this weekend. And, as any of you who have moved know, moving is a lot of work (that we aren’t even done with yet), and, as such, I didn’t post. Because busy.

Excuse #2: I’m scheduled to start rehearsals for my play (which is done, by the way. I can’t remember if I’ve told you this yet, and I’m too lazy to go through my last few posts and check), so I’ve been in a frenzy trying to do the last few things I need to do before I can start rehearsals.

Basically, I’ve been busy.

Aaaaanyhow, now that we’ve got the excuses out of the way, what have I been up to? Why am I in my sister’s living room?

So many questions, and I have so many answers.

Well, since I’m a big kid with a license now, I drove across the state alllll by myself. And I didn’t stop once. Hello, bucket list item checked off.

I’m only here for a couple days, but I wanted to get over here and see my sistah (and her family, obviously. They are nice and 3/4 of them are small and cute. I will be told that my brother-in-law is also cute, but he is not small, so there) because I didn’t really get to see them this summer. I was in D.C. with other family while they were visiting with my peeps. So, it’s Labor Day weekend and I’m here. Away from the chaos that is my home.

And while I am here, my sister and I also bought fabric for curtains for my room. It is purty fabric. It will look nice in my room. I am much excite. I’ll give you pictures at a later date. In part because I don’t feel like taking and uploading pictures right now, and in part because the only picture-taking device I have right now is my phone, and it doesn’t do justice to the colors in the fabric. They are very vintage looking–and I am SUCH a fan.

Anyway. That’s my life right now. Chaos, frenzy, working, and also pretty fabric.

Maybe I’ll actually stick to my schedule and post on Tuesday. We shall see.

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