Heyo, Homeskillets

Okay so like I don’t even know what to write about, peeps. It’s 11:20 in the pm on Saturday, and I got nothing. I currently have a slammy-keyboard placeholder title on this post because I legitimately have no idea what I’m going to write about tonight.

HowEVER, I am currently writing this post on my new (cheap) laptop that I bought all by myself. Pretty swanky, huh? It’s purple and purrty.

Now, I know that my previous iPad-and-keyboard setup worked just fine, but it irritated the crap out of me, okay? Having one unit that has everything is  just worth it to me. And YES, I knooooow about the clicky-inny-pretend-your-tablet-is-a-laptop shells, but I’m picky and I don’t like them.

So, cheap laptop.

But that’s what my minimum wage summer job was for, primarily, so whatevs.

What else, what else …

Okay here’s the deal with this kind of “I, um, just 100% didn’t plan my post for today” posts: I run them like I run a conversation. I mostly just say whatever pops into my head, based on whatever the other person is saying. (Granted, this works with varied success, but you know.)

HowEVER, (spellcheck really doesn’t like it when I half-capitalize words. Just some FYI) this is totally one-sided while I write so I’m sort of at a loss, guys.

Words, words, words.

Oh! I’m famous now.

Well, not really.

But close enough.

So, basically, I always enter the fair with a creative writing piece, because in the arts and crafts section there’s like this subsection that sorta-kinda is creative write-y, so for the last three years (this is the fourth I entered a piece), I’ve been entering creative writing pieces increasing in length every year.

This year (heh), they added a whole new creative writing section with very specific rules. Thank goodness, they haven’t put a word cap on it, so I was good there.

ANYWAY, I entered my script this year, which, by the way, ended up coming out at forty six pages, so pretty decent.

And how well did my script do, you ask?

WELLLLLLLL, since you asked really well!

I got the Superintendent’s Choice! Which basically means I get a really shiny, pretty, rainbow ribbon that’s bigger than anyone else’s ribbon because I’m extremely talented. And also beautiful. And also humble.

So, that’s why I’m famous.

Geez, I’m still under 400 words for this post.

This is what happens when I start writing without a plan.

Good grief.

Okay, I admit it, I’m adding a lot of exclamations to get the word count up. But, really, I’m thinking of you guys! I just want to give you some more to read. Reading is good for you. It’s summer, get some of that summer reading in. Exercise the brain! Expand the mind! Words are food for the soul!


So, Little Brother’s currently in a theatre day camp. They spent the first week doing technique and work-shoppy things, but now for this second week they’re rehearsing a play (written by the leaders of the camp) and they’re gonna put it on this Friday.

I stole his script and read it, and, may I say, it is thoroughly amusing! No Shakespeare, but it’s a fun li’l comedy piece. Set in Ancient (well, Ancient-ish) Greece. They adapted some already existing Broadway songs (yeeessss) to fit their plot, and have woven those into the play.

There are some pretty stellar one-liners in that script, man.

I’m super excited because Little Brother’s Zeus (who’s his 100% jerk-face self in this play, it’s great) and I’m not working on Friday, so I can come see it!

Just thought you should now that, I guess? I’m just happy I get to see it. I’ve been missin’ out on some because of work lately, it’s kind of a downer.

OOOOOOH, I need to tell you about work today!

Well, I’ll save that for its own post on Tuesday, because it’s an involved story (with much gloating and victory dancing) that needs its own devoted time.

Especially since the word count is now almost at 700.

Yeah, I’m out.

Those are all my words I’ve got for you at the moment. I’m too tired for this game.

Night! Sleep well!

Bedbugs, and all that.

Peace out, homeskillets.

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