This Could Work; I Mean, if You’re Down With Probably Going to Hell.

So I had a Physical Therapy appointment today (which is a whole different story of tragic comedy, but more on that later), but we had a lot of stuff going on and too few vehicles, so I rode down with my mom, took the car from my dad at work, took the car back to dad at work, and waited for my mom to show up again so she could drive me home. It was complicated but effective, and did result in me sitting in my dad’s work office for a few hours.

This being me, this inevitably ended in me saying a lot of words, looking at the resulting look on my father’s face, and thinking, “Huh. Maybe I should just not say the words I think, sometimes.”

So today while I was talking to my dad, he was all, “I need to teach you more about finances and how to manage them.”

And I groaned and was all, “I don’t want to. I know enough about finances. I make money, I spend money, it’s all good.” This earned a look, so I continued, “No, I’m kidding, I’ve been saving about 50/50 of my earnings. But, anyway, what’s even the point? We all die anyway. I have the same problem with this SAT prep you and mom want me to do. Who cares about money or what school I go to? I’m just gonna die at the end of everything, anyway.”

My dad looked at me for a second. “Fatalist.”

I grinned. “Exactly. It’s much more fun this way. Fewer concerns.”

My dad said, “You know the saying ‘Eat, drink, and be merry’? Well, the WHOLE thing was actually, ‘Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.'”

I liked this very much. I said, “And I have a similar philosophy: eat chocolate and sleep a lot, for tomorrow you may die. Do whatever you want, because you’re going to die at the end anyway!”

I thought about it for a minute. “However, with that ideology, I’m also probably definitely going to hell, so, you know.”

I vote we change “YOLO” to YOLOSWNRD; You Only Live Once, So Why Not Risk Damnation?

Seems like a solid tradeoff.

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