Things of Much Import and Excite

Okay okay okay so I know, I missed two days, but here’s the deal, familia mea was in town and exciting things happened, both to do and not to do with their presence.

So, first exciting thing: I did (and passed) my Lifeguard prerequisites. Okay, but, fun story: one of the tests is to retrieve the ten pound brick from the bottom of the pool–within a time limit–and the brick was blue. Know what else was blue? The line on the bottom of the pool. Wanna know where the brick fell? On the line! So I had to dive twice because I couldn’t find the dang thing. But I passed. So that’s thing number one.

Things number two, three, and four: my niece is now six, my mother has been appreciated, and I went to prom (which was fun.)

Thing number five: so, remember that story I wrote? For that contest? Well, I didn’t win, but I came in second. Or first place loser, as it is known in my household. That’s exciting, still, though, because even though I didn’t get the cash monaaaayy, I was offered a contract to publish it with them. I get 1 cent every time the story is read, paid annually, and I am currently working on filling out details/the contract. Know what that means? I shall soon be a published, paid author! I’ll let you know when it’s available for readage on Alsina’s app (I’m going to have to work with them on a couple rounds of editing).

Those are the things! I am excited!

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