My Next Steps

See, that title is ironic, because this is yet another post about my foot. I seem to be unable to talk about anything else. Constant pain does that, I hear.

Anywho, I’ve been going to Physical Therapy for like a month, now, and at my last appointment my PT basically said, “I want to see you one more time, but I’ve basically done all I can for you and you don’t need to come anymore.” Because nothing helped. She also told me in my first appointment that she thinks it was actually misdiagnosed (it’s not acting like Plantar Fasciitis, she says) so there’s that cheerful tidbit.

So, what I have to do:

-Last PT appointment

-See my podiatrist and be all “yeah so I still hurt all the time, sooooooo”, and see what he wants to do. (Older Sister thinks I should get an MRI. We shall see.)

-Stop dancing and see if that helps.

That’s my current plan. I’m finishing out this season, because recital is coming up on June 3rd and I have to do that, but I’m planning on taking at least next year off dance. It’s not fun anymore, in large part because my foot, and I’m hoping doing a little less will make it better. Then maybe I can go back for a class my Senior year.

I also am hoping it will give me more time to actually fully do things, because the last couple years (doing a whole bunch and commuting a while to get to all of them) have been a lot of compromises and half-classes of everything.

Anywho. That’s what I need to do. And I’m writing about it because that helps me process. And it finalizes my decision. Because I already knew I was going to do it, but now it’s all in ink and stuff. Well, “ink.”

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