I’m In The Airforce Now

Okay so my mom made me go on a field trip.

She started out like it was a choice. “Hey, we should give them your info just in case you decide you want to go, because if we don’t do it now you can’t go at all.”

This sounded reasonable enough to me, so I gave her my Social Security Card. Now, remember how you’re not supposed to give that to anyone? THAT APPLIES TO FAMILY.

Because the woman comes to me last weekend and is all, “Oh so you have to leave at 6:10 on Monday for the field trip.” ExCUSE me, mother, I do believe this was a choice? I don’t recall making it!

Anyway, I digress. I went on a field trip to the Airforce Base to learn about engineering. Because, “life experience is good for you.”

Driving up, every time I saw an Airman, I asked my friend if he thought the Airman had a gun. According to him, that question got old. (Totally paid off, though, because one guy actually did. And a cool beret.)

We spent two butt-numbing hours listening to mostly inaudible lectures about engineering. But we got pizza afterwards, so I was placated.

But then came the part I grudgingly acknowledge as TOTALLY WORTH IT. We got on the bus–boring–and had a tour–alright–but then we stopped at EOD building.

What does EOD stand for, you ask? Explosive Ordinance Disposal. How cool is that, you ask? So cool!

First we got on their super cool bomb-truck, which has a 360 degree camera, an x-ray machine so they can look inside packages instead of blowing themselves up, and cool bomb suits that can keep you alive from up to 5 feet away from an explosion. Then the guy let us sit in the truck’s cab, and he let me turn on the siren! It was extremely satisfying and it made all my friends jump like five feet in the air. (Also the seats were bouncy? It’s like, *bounce bounce* “We’re off to diffuse a booomb, a booomb, a booomb, off to diffuse a booomb, and save a bunch of lives!” *bounce*)

Then another guy showed us this cool laser that tells you what a substance is before you mess with it so you don’t accidentally blow yourself up.

Then, guess what.


We got to PLAY WITH ROBOTS. We made them pick up little bombs (inert ones. They said “inert” on them, and everything.) One of my friends transferred the li’l bomb from one robot to another, it was fun, I like robots.

So now I have to join the airforce for the EOD truck. Like, seriously, it was so freaking cool. And the sirens make different noises! My personal favorite is “yelp.”

Also, I got sunglasses, which obviously means I’m in the Airforce officially now.


One thought on “I’m In The Airforce Now

  1. I was reading this out loud to Reade while he’s doing dishes and I actually couldn’t make it through your bouncy bomb song without stopping to laugh. Go you!

    Liked by 1 person

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