So, Like, Physical Therapy.

It’s not fun.

I’ve decided.

I’ve had two so far, and I’m going twice a week for the next like 4-5 weeks.

First, she “massages” my leg and foot. It’s a horror that it’s called a massage. It is so freaking painful. It’s like she sprouts nails out of her hands, stabs them into my muscles, and rips them through.

Then, we stretch it out with like 86 different stretches.

Next is strengthening exercises, which actually aren’t that bad. She has me do foot rotations, she put me on the trampoline last time, and I have to balance on my right foot, none of which is that bad.

But then we ice, which is SO COLD, and do electro-shock therapy, which freaks me out hard core. Look at this:

It feels weird, looks weird (and kind of cool), and makes me think of those shows where they do it to people’s brains to try and make them not-insane.

But apparently it stimulates the muscle and encourages blood flow and healing.

After that, she tapes my foot and sends me on my way.

So I go, I do those things, and I say the following words: “Hello. Yep. No. No, not really. Okay. Sure. Sounds good. Yeah. Mhm. Like this? Okay. Nope. Okay. Thanks. See you.”


So, yeah, that’s how that goes. So far, I haven’t drawn a conclusion about whether or not it helps. It hurts while I do it, but after I leave it doesn’t really seem much different. It still hurts all the time, but I wouldn’t say it hurts MORE, and I would definitely notice if it hurt less.

So, currently, I’m saying that the Therapy doesn’t make much of a difference. (Like everything else.)

However, I’ve only had two appointments, so I just need to give it some more time to see if it makes a difference over time.

P.S., sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I meant to, then I got distracted by planning how to make this super cool (and gratifyingly weird) teal lipstick work. I did, by the way. In case you were wondering.

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