Vignettes: The Bow

Okay, side note before we begin: I’ve been hired as a lifeguard. So, basically, 1) I need to buy clarifying shampoo and sunscreen in bulk, and 2) if I don’t pass my training, (which, currently, passing looks promising) it will be totally anti-climactic, given that I scored a job.

Anyway! I can’t remember if I’ve written about it before, but I shoot. At targets. With arrows. From a bow. I’m not half bad, either. So I wrote this after a practice round I had about a month and a half back. It’s short, do tell me what you think:

The Bow

I pulled back the string, anchoring my thumb on my jaw bone. I lowered my eyes, letting them focus on the arrow’s point, the smell of the waxed string faintly registering in my nose. I heard my steady breathing, checked my form.

When I was sure of my aim, I let go of the string, my fingers brushing my cheek, my elbow relaxing, as the arrow thwacked dully into the target.

The arrow scored a nine; I needed a little up, and little left.

I felt the pressure of the string against my fingers, cutting into the pads of my fingertips. I couldn’t release yet, though, my hips weren’t right, it would ruin the flight.

I took another thirty second to adjust, and let go. There it is.

I shot more and more rounds, my fingers growing raw and my aim improving. The rain that had been a light sprinkle when I started began to fall more heavily. My jacket was damp, my arrows slick. When I pulled them from the target, they made a shrill squeak, a sharp contrast to the dull thunk of a sound hit.

I shot my last round, my fingers almost too stiff with cold to pull back the bow. My left hand ached between my thumb and forefinger from my tight grip on the bow. I retrieved my arrows, put a tarp over the target.

I dried and waxed my bow, and put it to rest until the next time to play archer.

M’kay, so that’s that. I did briefly struggle with whether or not to title it “The Bow” or “The Archer”; I settled on “The Bow”, though, because I decided that the li’l vignette itself is way more about the actual mechanics and action of shooting the arrows than the person doing it. Also the character doesn’t feel they’ve reached archer status yet, as referenced by the last line, so I decided “The Archer” just wasn’t appropriate, especially given that fact.

So, yep! Let me know what you think.

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