So, I Could Have a Job?

Okay, so allow me to leave you in complete suspense about that title as I give you some leadup: the last 36 hours have been entirely hellish. I wasn’t even planning on posting today. I’m sick, all of me hurts, my tonsils are the size of tennis balls, and I spent last night with a feindish fever resulting in some whacked out dreams and some seriously broken sleep.

My fever broke by this morning, but I’m still relatively miserable, so it was not welcome news when my mom told me I needed to call someone.

See, I enrolled in lifeguard training, but, as it turns out, my dance recital is on one of the same days. So I had to call to see if there was any compromising we could do with that.

So I made my gross voice sound cheerful and called. The lady was nice and said she’d talk to the course instructor and get back to me sometime next week; then, she asked me for my name. There’s a pause.

Nice Lady: “I see we also received an application from you for a position with us.”

Me: *caught slightly off guard, but being pleasant* “Yes.”

Nice Lady: “Well, while I have you on the phone, I’d like to schedule an interview with you.”

Me: *holding back a cough* “Yeah, that sounds great!”

Nice Lady: “Does Wednesday at 4:30 work for you?”

Me: *rapidly going over my conflicts on Wednesdays, and realizing that should work* “Yes, that sounds like it should work just fine.”

Nice Lady: “Great! I’ll send you a confirmation email with the address of our offices, and I look forward to speaking with you on Wednesday.”

Me: “Thank you very much.”

Nice Lady/Me: “Bye.”

So, that was funky and totally cool. But how anticlimactic would it be if I get hired and then don’t pass training?

Anyway, I’ll let you know in a week how the interview pans out. I’m low key really excited.

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