Musical Theatre: the Stigma, the Hype, and Why I Love It.

Okay, I just saw “Beauty and the Beast” (LOVE IT. Totally recommend.), so it seems pretty fitting that I scheduled this particular post for today.

So, as all of you know, I love Musical Theatre. Watching, performing, listening–doesn’t matter, I’m a fan.

I could list the ones that are among my favorites, but that would be half this post. So let’s just get into it.

The stigma: the guys are gay, the songs are lame, the dance numbers are unnecessary, and the arcs of both character and plot are weak.

Okay, I can see it. Number one, yeah, a lot of gay guys are into the theatre aspect. I’ll give it that. But, honestly, if you get involved, there’s also a loooootttt of girls in it for you. Just saying.

Number two, some of the songs are definitely on the weaker side. WeakER, I say, because it totally depends on the play and the song. Everyone has weaker pieces in their works, but it’s just unfair to generalize all Musical Theatre songs. There is a difference between the music not being to your taste, and it being low quality in general. I think the main issue is the inability of some people to see that difference.

Number three, dance numbers. Okay, they’re just fun, alright? Also, where there’s music, there’s dance. It goes hand in hand. It make sense; if you’re going to tell a story with music, you also tell it with dance. If you don’t like it, that’s okay, but don’t poop on the party. That’s laaaame.

Number four, weak arcs. True for some, but not all. A lot of the stigma is based on generalization and blanket statements. Just like some books have weak arcs, some plays do. However, you also have the really good ones. Don’t be a butt.

The hype! The guys are hot, the songs are beauty, the dance numbers masterfully choreographed, and the stories well written and told.

I am part of that hype. Yeah.

But why am I?

Well … I’ve seen, and I agree. It’s just a matter of opinion, really. I’ve always loved the expression contained in stories, music, and dance–the combination of all of them is a special love for me.

If you don’t love it, okay. If you do, also okay. It’s just a matter of opinion and art. That’s how art works–people make it, then some people appreciate it, and others don’t. That’s how it’s always worked, and that’s okay.

I just, you know, happen to be in the appreciation category. The very, very appreciative appreciation category.

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