I’m Obsessed

I’m obsessed with a great many things. Reading, writing, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Firefly, Joss Whedon in general, Hamilton, Broadway, Theatre, Acting, Disney, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Jennifer Lawrence–I’ll start to sound creepy if I list all the people I love. (*cough* Jimmy Fallon *cough*).

Long story short, I find things, I love them, I never let go.

This comes with some baggage. Some is fun, colorful baggage that I flaunt because it’s super swanky, but some is the boring bag I found in my storage room that I avoid using unless I can’t find any of my swanky bags.

For example: trivia! There are both kinds of bags for random trivia. Some is fun and interesting, and I’lol spew it at any opportunity. Some, however, is kind of embarrassing that I even know. I tuck that away in a dark corner of my brain for me and only me to know.

Excitement. To me, this is the coolest bag ever. Maybe a tote bag with a super awesome design on it, a funky strap, a mix of style and quirk. However, to most everyone else, it’s just weird and kind of extreme. “Yes, sure, there’s a new movie coming out that your favorite actor is in, we get it. It’s not THAT big a deal. Chill.” But no, there is no chill. Whenever something new that has even the slightest to do with something or someone I’m obsessed with happens, I am there 100%. There is no stopping the drive and determination of my obsession with something. There are no bounds to that excitement, no limits to what I’lol do to sate it.


Next up, I spend a massive amount of time doing/studying up on my favorite things. This is a massive time-suck, and once I go in, it’s hard to get out. It’s like in Star Trek when they get too close to a Black Hole, and it’s a huge deal because, you know, Black Holes. This is pretty much a boring, lame bag for everyone. The default backpack I low-key hate, but use because I can’t avoid.

Perhaps the best bag of all, other obsessees. The other people who love the same things I love are always great to find. We get to rant and gush about the same things, and it’s never weird or boring, because they totally get where I’m coming from. We commiserate on the cons of obsession, both of the negative and convention-center variety, and you can take part in the act of obsession together.

So, there are both the positive and negative sides of obsession, but, when it gets down to it, it’s kind of a personality thing. Some people just like to enjoy things casually. Watch and enjoy a certain show sometimes, but turn off the TV after one episode. Some are very particular in their recreation and enjoyment, some enjoy almost everything.

And some love a lot of things a little too much.

It’s just how the cookie crumbles!

Mm, cookies. You know, should have put dessert on my list …

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