Universal School

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have done just about every kind of schooling option available. I went to public school Kindergarten-6th grade, I was homeschooled with my dad in the 7th grade, I went to a Private Catholic School in 8th grade and first Semester of my Freshman year, I’ve taken several online courses, and now I’m back in the public school system.

So, I know a little bit of everything.

The public school system, most people know about. Gross food, PE of the devil, a good mix of terrible, adequate, and “my-favorite-I-wish-they-taught-every-one-of-my-classes” teachers. I stayed in that until my dad asked me if I wanted to homeschool, to which I said yes–the people I was in school with weren’t quite floating my boat, and homeschooling seemed interesting.

Homeschooling, however, through me through a bit of a loop. We tried to structure it, but curriculum and schedules were so flexible. If I felt like doing my math instead of my English, or vice versa, I could prioritize … whatever I wanted? We went to daily Masses for church, I was virtually never late for dance or rehearsal.

Then we moved, and I began my short-lived private schools journey. I went to a Catholic school, which was also an interesting learning curve. (Heh. Learning curve. Get it?) We had Mass every Thursday, we had a religion class, and I was surrounded by a bunch of other Catholics? That was kinda cool.

Then I went to a Private Catholic PREP school. Oh, so cool. Except the competitive edge was a little too competitive and too edgy, so I only stayed there a Semester.

So now I got to a tiny High School founded on Socratic Teaching methods, as laid out by Mortimer J. Adler. This is kind of my jam. I feel like I learn a lot and I’m in a good structure for me. It’s a good time.

What? The online courses? Oh. Those barely even count. You do a lesson a day in about ten minutes, you pass the class, there ya go.

So I am the Universal Schooler. No form of education is safe from my all seeing eye and all reaching arm. I have and will conquer all.

All that’s left? COLLEGE!

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