Search Terms Are So Fun

Okay, so built in to WordPress (which is what this is hosted on, I’m assuming you know) there is a pretty mediocre but perfectly competent stats function. In that I have daily/weekly/monthly/yearly views, likes, comments, clicks, countries that have viewed my stuff, and, my favorite, search terms that have led people here.

These are all the specific search terms that have gotten people here:


First of all, I’d just like to take a moment to appreciate the dramatic flair of this title. “Stats for ALL TIME.” I appreciate the theatrics, WordPress.

As you can see, the majority are “Unknown Search Terms,” which really just means WordPress didn’t/couldn’t track them.

But the ones they did track? Boy oh boy! Honestly, most just intrigue me.

“Ginger cons pros” I can totally see it. I wrote a post with a title very similar to that, so I can see how that got here.

My URL and actual blog title? Yeah, pretty straightforward.

“10 reasons why ballet is not for the weak” and “plausible alien invasion” are almost word-for-word out of posts or blog titles–however, I am intrigued as to what kind of person was Googling “plausible alien invasion.” Do I really WANT them on my blog?

Just kidding, any traffic is good traffic.

By far, my favorites are the super bizarre or obscure ones. “Point”? How far into the depths of google did you go until you found me with that one?

“Awesome”? I mean, sure, I am, but again, that must have taken a long time to get here.

Perhaps my very favorite, “gosh on on house dirty.”

What does that even mean? What were you looking for? How did you find me? Were you satisfied with the result? I mean, perhaps not, because the post I’m pretty sure you found was one in which I was raving about how not dirty my house was, but maybe it gave you an idea for something?

I just want some answers, searcher of “gosh on on house dirty.” Just some answers.


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