Alright, so here’s the dealio: I have decided that I am a ring person.

I just really like rings. I only really had the one, my Nana gave it to me, and I wear it almost everyday. Then my mom gave me another one. I was like, “Whoa, this is fun, some dual-ring action goin’ on!”

Then I wanted more. It’s like the opposite of Lord of the Rings–the one is not enough.

So I was telling my mom about how I want more rings. So what did she do?

She went through her jewelry boxes and gave me four new rings! They’re purty, too.

So now I pretty much wear a minimum of two rings at all times.

I’m not sure why I have this sudden obsession; it did come on relatively suddenly. I mean, I like shiny things, which is probably most of it.

I think rings hold a certain amount of elegance, too, don’t they? I mean, as far as jewelry goes, I think they’re pretty high up on the elegance list.

It all comes down to the same reason people like other jewelry, and pretty clothes, and make up. Just makes me feel a little prettier.

I mean, I don’t like to think of myself as vain, either, though. I think that’s a relatively fine line; the line between wanting to be pretty and being vain.

Because if you look at common lore and even most YA fiction, those who value attractiveness are usually not great people. Look at the common high school story trope: protagonist feels unattractive and unliked, the pretty and popular one hates the protagonist and is hated by the protagonist and is entirely self-centered.

I think wanting to be pretty gets a bad rap. I mean, especially in a society–and a world–where attractiveness is a common measure held to people.

You’re supposed to be pretty, but not think or try too hard for it.

That’s kind of a contradiction, isn’t it?

Because most people (mostly my peers, because I’m surrounded by teenagers) don’t think they’re very pretty. I mean, most well-adjusted people (teenagers) can recognize positive traits about their appearance, but if you admit that you see yourself as pretty, the common notion is that you’re also vain.

Which is lame.

Anyway, this started out as a post about my cool new rings and kind of turned into a commentary on how people should be allowed to think they’re pretty without being thought vain, which, I’m not sure how that happened.

But, frankly, that’s kind of better than my last couple of posts, so we’ll roll with it.

Anyway, I have cool new rings, and I’m sure you’re all very purty. 🙂

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