Growing Up and Growing Old

You know that feeling you had when you were little? Like when it’s Christmas Eve and you’re too excited to sleep?


I miss that. Doesn’t it suck when that starts to fade? And isn’t it amazing when you get a glimpse of that feeling again?

I think it’s important to keep that feeling. I dunno, just let yourself get excited about stuff.

You know the whole, “everyone grows old, but not everyone has to grow up” quote?

I think it’s important. Grumpy people are annoying, and boring adults are the actual worst. Holding on to some part of sentimentality and childlike wonder seems like a more rewarding way to go.

Because being boring is … well, boring. And I’m not about it.

That’s really all I got, I guess. I just think it’s important to retain some aspect of nostalgia and un-dullness.

So go have fun.

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