I Pierced My Ears

So, I had one hole in each of my ears, and now I have two in each.

Why? Well, now I can stick more shinies in my ears, so yeah. I did it all by myself, too.

I did pretty well, too. They’re pretty much even, and I was very careful that everything was clean and I’ve been keeping them clean, so infection is unlikely.

But I have a theory: my ear lobes have no nerve endings.

Hear me out; I distinctly remember getting my first piercings when I was eight. It was my birthday present. I picked pink earrings, naturally, the lady put little purple dots on my ears, and used a funky piercer, that I remember thinking looked like a gun, to pierce my ears.

I also remember my mom asking, “Did it hurt?” And it having not hurt at all.

And, again, my mom warned me as I was gathering stuff to do it this time, it would hurt. But I did it, and … it didn’t hurt. Like, it’s a little sore now, because I’m constantly cleaning them and playing with the earrings, but the actual act of piercing didn’t hurt.

So either I only have like two nerve endings, none, or they don’t work, in my earlobes. Most logical train of thought, yeah?

In other news, sorry I haven’t posted in like two weeks. My schedule changed again and I just keep forgetting to post. Oops. I’m pretty much adjusted now, though, so we should be good … ?

We shall see!

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