Here’s the Plan

Okay, so I’m working on trying to do freelance writing. I’ve drawn up a plan to try and do that, based on … the internet, basically. I found several good sources and have derived this plan with the help of their information.

Basically, right now, I’m doing free work. I’ve got a few projects going. This is so that I can put together a portfolio of work (that’s not my fiction, though I think some of that might go up as well?) for prospective clients to review so they can see that I am actually capable of writing things.

I have two (and a third if I get to it) articles that I’m writing right now, and when it’s available I’m going to update my school’s website for them.

Turns out, the change of pace is pretty change-y. It’s a pretty steep learning curve that I’m finding I have to go up pretty fast.

Problem 1: all of my writing sounds like me. Which is that bad when I’m writing young adult fiction, given that I am, in fact, a young adult. But it does have a tad of a negative impact when I’m writing what’s supposed to sound like an informative article. I’m working on it, however, and I think I have a couple things worked out.

Problem 2: procrastination is impossible. There are deadlines. This isn’t really something I’ve encountered in my writing before–my book, I procrastinated like a pro[crastinator], because there was no deadline or ultimatum. Now, however, not so much.

Problem 3: my other projects have been woefully neglected. You may have noticed, given my current trend of “week on, week off” posting. My book has also not been touched in a while, and my script does have a deadline that is currently in danger of not being met.

However, I am capable of adaptation. I am currently adapting and will consider to do so, and everything’ll work itself out. Hopefully soon, I will be doing this work and even getting paid for it! 🙂

So, to get to that paid-point, I need to finish this work, and put together a portfolio, website, and a li’l terms and agreements document. I’m also on the social medias now, following all sorts of people who post about job opportunities for writers and other people who need writers.

I think I have a pretty solid plan and all that’s left now is for me to follow through.

So, I ought to go finish that article, huh? 🙂

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