The Rest of Maui

Okay, here’s the rest of the Hawaii pictures. Only my Brother in law and my Cousin are the good ones, they’re the ones that sent me their stuff. 🙂

By the way, disclaimer: some of (more like all of) these photos are cropped the exact same way. I’m currently trying to troubleshoot why, because the photos from Sean were carefully edited before he sent them to me so it’s rather frustrating (for both of us, but mostly him, given that it’s his work). So, obviously, enjoy these pictures, but you could also run over to his photography site and look at what he has on there, all wonderfully edited and beautifully captured. Sean’s Photography

With that said, here are the pictures:

I took this one so I don’t need to put photo credit!

This is the first sunset I saw on the island of Maui. It’s not a great picture, because a) I took it on my iPad, and b) I’m not a great photographer, but it’s a beautiful sunset.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

A beautiful view of a coastline. If you could get to the right spot, there were a lot of beautiful views like this one. I love the contrast of everything in this. The brilliant blue, the rusty-red tint in the black rocks, the green plants. It’s very pretty. I suppose I didn’t really have to narrate everything you could’ve seen yourself, but whatever.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

The beach! ‘Nuff said, I think.

Photo Credit Gabrielle Chappell

More the beach! If you look beyond the people rolicking in the water, you can see a sailboat out there, a fairly common sight from the wildly windy “Valley Island.”

Photo Credit Gabrielle Chappell

This is a hike we did up the trail to the Seven Sacred Pools–and it was quite a hike! While we were in Maui, it was right in the middle of a serious flood season, so the path, as you can see, was hardly a path and more of a muddy slip-‘n-slide. We couldn’t even go all the way up the path because about a quarter of a mile from the top, there was a small river blocking us!

Photo Credit Gabrielle Chappell

Same hike, as evidenced by the muddy puddle leading up to the bridge. Continuing the story of this hike, we all made it up to the “top” with little incident. But on the way down, I bit it twice. Downhill+mud+my general lack of coordination resulted in my being coated, waist down, in one very even coat of mud.

Photo Credit Gabrielle Chappell

This is the view off of one of the bridges, like the one above, down into one of the “pools.” When Maui ISN’T in flood season, these are legit pools–but given when we were there, it’s all more like one constant river. The water was all muddy, too, because the usually peaceful water bed was being constantly stirred up.

Photo Credit Gabrielle Chappell

This was taken as we drove up an evil and probably deadly one-lane road that we somehow all managed to survive. It wasn’t even Hana Highway, it was one that connects to Hana and is somehow impossibly MORE evil than the Hana Highway. And you’ll see my muddy water explanation once more illustrated in that waterfall.

Photo Credit Gabrielle Chappell

Also on the evil death-road, but this is a pretty wonderful view of the ocean and a river mouth. (Just saying, though, you can’t see the winding uphill road on the left that we continued onto from this view).

Photo Credit Gabrielle Chappell

I’m not sure where she was when she took this, but this sunset is so absolutely gorgeous that I couldn’t not include it. 🙂

I took this one!
I also took this one. Zoom in for a better view, make sure it’s a bit blurry for some added nuance, and BOOM my future career in photography is set!

These are both of the last sunset we saw in Maui. I thought it would be fitting to open and end with our first and last sunsets, ya know? And my poor photography skills only slightly detract from the beauty of Maui’s sunsets. 🙂

Story, at the resort we stayed at, every evening a crowd of people with cameras stormed the beach for a picture of the sunset, my father among them. Can’t really blame them, though, it was always super beautiful.

Well, that’s all for Maui! It was a wonderful vacation, and I wish I had some pictures of my favorite part–the red beach, Kaihalulu Bay. It was so much fun. (I may still have just a bit of sand. 🙂 )

Anyway, stay happy, healthy, and smart! Happy MLK Jr. Day this Monday.


One thought on “The Rest of Maui

  1. The picture of a sunset that Gabby gave you was taken from outside their porch at the resort. She was probably standing like 3 feet from their back door :-). That’s the parking lot and outbuilding that officially belong to the state park that curates the beach there. You could see it from your porch, too, if you turned to face the beach.


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