Trip to the “Garden of Eden” and A Lava tube!

These are the pictures from our trip to a botanical garden called the “Garden of Eden” and a lava tube while we were in Hawaii. All the pictures are taken by brother in law Sean Malone.

Well, here goes:

Photo Credit Sean Malone

This is a pretty flower whose name I don’t know. From the botanical garden, obviously. First, let’s take a moment to appreciate this excellent introduction to the flower-photographing prowess of Sean.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

This is an asian water lily whose name-you guessed it-I don’t know! Great colors though, huh? You can see the lily pads in the background. We had a couple near-occasions of small children falling into that pond as they bent over to look at the lilies.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

Vines! Not good for Tarzan-swinging, though, I’d wager.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

Funky tree! I believe this isn’t in the garden, but it’s cool. And it’s my blog. So I can put it in here.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

This is a lizard! We were walking along, enjoying the foliage, as you do, and then this dude was chillin’ in this tree. There were several snaps of him as he scurried out of sight, and this one turned out the best, you can see his li’l face. 🙂

Photo Credit Sean Malone

Okay, so, I know the hand rail is blocking these, but I asked Sean to take this picture for me. All through the garden there were great statues-there was one of a unicorn, several Buddhas, some Virgin Marys, angels, Hindu gods, fairies, and many more. This trio was one of my favorite arrangements, but the statues as a whole made me happy, though–it added a whole extra level of elegance and beauty to the garden.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

There was an overlook in the garden to this double waterfall. Pretty beautiful, right? The three statues above were also just outside this overlook. 🙂

Photo Credit Sean Malone

Avocados! We saw a lot of these trees, and, I’m not sure why, but they just tickled me. The avocados looked pretty good, too. Maybe a tad underripe.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

Okay, these. I do not like them. The trees these grow on were everywhere in the garden, and I think they look gross. Very tentacle-y. But it’s a good picture and I wanted other opinions. My sister agrees with me, but Sean doesn’t. What do you think? Gross or cool? Maybe both? I dunno, man.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

A pretty lookout. Also maybe not in the garden, but, hey, ’tis pretty.

Cave time:

Photo Credit Sean Malone

This is the entrance to the lava tube (from the inside). Pretty, right? I like how the plants frame the entrance. Walking down into it was super cool.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

Walking through the caves. Fun fact, this lava tube was formed completely by lava, (hence the name) so all the rock formations are hardened lava/magma.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

There was this lichen stuff all over the ceiling and some of the walls of the cave that glowed a bit in the dark (which was abundant). Super cool.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

This is more of just walking through the cave, but I think this shot is particularly pretty, with all the colors in the rocks. You can also see more of that lichen-y stuff on the ceiling. (Is lichen even the right word? I don’t think so. Algae? Doesn’t seem quite right, either. I dunno. Someone correct me.)

Photo Credit Sean Malone (expertly edited by me)

Okay, I only like a small portion of this picture, as handily demonstrated by my masterful markings. The upper left is super pretty, I think–the colors are awesome. The rest are just hardened poop rocks. Grody.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

This is a formation of “Chocolate Kiss”stalactites that are in a low dome-chamber leading to a large cavern, that, fun fact #2, was used as a shelter way back when. My sister has another name for them, though–she doesn’t think they look like Chocolate Kisses. I’ll just say this: stalactitties.

Photo Credit Sean Malone

This is a natural skylight in the cave. Purty.


So, that’s the garden and the cave! Pretty cool, huh? I’ll have more pictures later of different things. Let me know what you think!

One thought on “Trip to the “Garden of Eden” and A Lava tube!

  1. Well, you said I could, so…they’re rock-eating bacteria, if I’m remembering the signage from the cave correctly ;-). I know they live by breaking down the rock into usable nutrients.

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