It’s Beautiful and Sad

I’m diseased. I caught what Mom and Oldest Brother have. I’m diseased in a beautiful place, though, so I guess there’s something to be said for that?

I didn’t really leave my room all day, I spent a lot of it sleeping, occasionally waking up to take drugs. I did leave just now for dinner, which was a good forty-five minutes spent in a corner, eating and staring blankly.

So, long story short, I don’t think I’ll have any pictures for you from today.

But I wish I had a camera good enough to get you a picture of the nightscape here. It’s so gorgeous.

I mean, obviously it’s beautiful in the day, but night is something else. Looking out from where we are, your eyes immediately fall on the twinkling lights of the houses across the water, and the pulsing glow of the windmills’ lights.

But, looking higher up, you see the clear night sky. It’s a puzzling night sky, though, because, despite there being nothing blocking the view, the stars are few and far between, giving each other plenty of space. Venus is the brightest, immediately catching your eye. The palm trees sway in the breeze in your peripheral vision, making a combination of the stars and trees very calming.

I wish I could show you.

Unfortunately, even if I had my phone, the camera wouldn’t capture any of it.

In other news, both my mom and dad have seen a green flash, a phenomenon on the ocean and islands that takes place at sunset, and is said to be good luck to sailors. So, that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, sleep time.

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