Pretty Things, Scary Roads

Okay, so yesterday was quite the day.

Mom woke us up at seven, and we ate and piled into the car–myself, Younger Brother, and Youngest Brother all squished in the back so that Younger-er Brother and Older Brother wouldn’t puke all over the world.

We then began our journey, my sister and her family shortly behind. We headed up the Hana Highway, the first stop about an hour out, a Botanical Garden.

On the way, we noticed there was a killer surf out there on the ocean blue. We saw some, you guessed it, surfers! This made a couple people really excited (okay, so maybe mostly me) so we took a quick detour to watch the surfers, some of whom were really good.

But then we piled back in and, all near occasions of vomit avoided as we twisted along the precarious and harrowing ordeal of a road, made it to the botanical garden.

It was absolutely gorgeous–it was privately owned, and it was obvious the man and his family who owned it cared a lot about it. There were a lot of tropical plants, hence Hawaii, and I’ll have some beautiful pictures for you later.

We ate lunch there, then, you guessed it, piled back in.

We wound along the road some more, everyone increasingly more uncomfortable, the locals zipping along the corkscrew turns without a care in the world.

Despite the general harrowing nature of the road, it was rather beautiful. Looking out from the car, the only sign that there was a road ahead or behind the stretch we were driving on was the occasional road sign sticking up from the dense foliage hiding the pavement and road markings.

About ten minutes after we left the garden, however, there was a line that stretched on for about a mile. We stopped, no room for anyone to turn around on the narrow little stretch.

Dad got out and walked up the line, trying to find out why we were all stopped. When he came back, he came bearing the news that there had been a landslide further up the road–the projected time for it to be cleared was about twenty minutes.


An hour later, the line moved up, and an hour and a half after THAT, we pulled into the parking lot of a lava tube.

The lava tube was fantastic, and it had a spider-infested maze on the lawn that was fun, too, and I’m sure I’ll have some pictures from there for you, too. (I’m not sure if anyone took any, but I’m willing to bet money my brother in law did.)

However, Dad driving the over two hours back to the condos? Not so fantastic.

We were all exhausted from an entire day out, most of which spent in the car on a treacherous road. My second niece threw up on the way home, but she was the only one.

So, final verdict: the lava tube and garden were great, but definitely not worth the five and a half-ish hours in the car.

But there’ll be some great pictures!

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