You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

Not really, because I plan to continue posting while I’m gone. However, “Cups” was one of the songs I performed last night.

Speaking of, the concert went better than I thought it would. I personally did a pretty good job, I think. “Cups” was a four part harmony with only four of our girls–and we nailed it. I also sang “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay, which I think went well.

Unfortunately, the time management of the concert wasn’t as we had hoped. We had to cut the majority of the second half, because the first half was an hour and a half itself, so most of our actual Christmas material ended up not being performed, making the title of Christmas Concert rather ironic.

In other news, a second draft of my script is well under way. I got some great feedback from a playwright that was super helpful.

In more news, we’re leaving tomorrow. My phone broke. Lots of stuff had to happen today to get ready to go.

I’m most mad that my phone broke because I won’t have it as a camera, but I’m thinking I’ll steal my mom’s phone for that. I’m excited for the destination but not the travel.

I’m tired, it’s time to sleep.

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