I’m done with a very, very rough draft of that one-act I told you about. I’m planning on adding some songs, which ones and who they’re by is yet to be determined, but I think I’m coming along at a decent clip.

Unfortunately, that means draft two of The Psychnomast is being neglected. It’s pretty hard to try and make one project good, let alone two, but I’m going to start trying to figure it out.

The main issue is that this script is planned to be performed sometime next year, and The Psychnomast has no such looming deadline, other than me wanting to make it good, so the script takes a smidge of precedence.

However, I am embarking on an eight-ish hour plane ride this Saturday, so I’ll have time for both. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a sample of the fruits of my labor:

Mother: Come along, Rose, don’t be ridiculous. He’s not going to hurt you.

Rose-Red: Mother! He is a bear! Did you see what a bear did to our goat last week? Well, I did, and there is no way I am getting close enough for him to do the same thing to me.

Bear: I apologize, Rose-Red, but I needed food. I’m close to dying, and that goat looked really good. But, I assure you, I’m no human-eater.

Rose-Red, suspiciously: How do I know that? If you’ll eat my goat, you could just as well take a piece of me.

Snow White has finally made her way to the bear and his petting his head.
Snow-White: Oh, Rose, he’s cold as ice. We need to help him. Trust me?

Rose-Red grudgingly grabs two brushes and makes her way across the room.

Rose-Red: Fine, but when he eats us, it’ll be your fault.

So, let me know if you like that little piece. I value feedback.

Oh, side note! Cobble comments, a new one is open for submissions! Get those in, I’ll get writing. 😉

Write you again on Thursday! (Which is my concert, so that’ll be an interesting post.)

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